New Stuff

This morning, I’ve completed a couple of changes to the deauxmayne.

First is randomly appearing images in the header space. I had those before, but I completed this morning some php code to call ImageMagick, and crop the thumbnail images generated from JAlbum. If you click them, you’ll get to see the original image, too. Enjoy.

Another improvement is getting the “today’s photos” piece working right. I finally got the perl code reworked into php, moved over the other night, and further augmented it so that it would display the number of images in that folder. This morning, I enhanced it further, to grab a random image from that folder and let it be the button for getting to the images in that folder, and used the crop code from the headers to make that happen. I know there are no titles for the folders; however, in most browsers, if you hover your cursor over the image, you’ll get the folder name and the number of images included in it.

Nice cranial exercise between last night and today!