Posting from Afar

It looks like I’ve got the posting by e-mail functionality working. Not a big deal to the readers, but a huge deal to me!

Now, I can post while “on the road” from regular mail clients anywhere. Cool, eh?

Basically, I used the default functionality, but heard about a module at John Blade’s Homepage that would help with cleanup of tags, etc. I’ve been able to get it to work, with a few mods.

One was to fix the timestamp that was being used by wp-mail.php — well documented on John’s site, and easy.

The second was to make a change to class-pop3.php to cut down on the number of error messages in my mail log — not documented, and a bit more arcane. This was in the noop functionality. Apparently, my mail server doesn’t like noops, so I nested the noop sending in an if to prevent sending it if the server was RFC1939 compliant. I think the logic is wrong where RFC1939 is being set, but it works, so I’m living with it.

The third was in wp-mail.php also, and involved changing the die that takes place when there are no messages for the wp e-mail account. When the die occurred, I got I/O error flushing output to client and -ERR POP EOF or I/O Error messages in my mail log. I changed
that to actually call the quit function in class-pop3.php instead, so that the disconnect was clean.

More coolness!

(BTW, there are real good instructions on how to set this functionality up at the WordPress Wiki.)

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