All Clear

This morning, to the doc’s for my follow-up visit from my Olympian efforts to rearrange my face on Monday.

Basically, my doc agreed with the ER doc and his diagnosis, and added that I probably did suffer a concussion. The sleeping, and slight memory loss are all symptoms of a concussion, and since both symptoms have gotten much better, the doc is pleased. He said the first things they look for in events like this are brain and heart problems. Neither showed any problems, and so I have been cleared to return to work on Monday.

However, I now have a full physical coming up in October, as my blood pressure was kinda high yesterday — although I certainly think that could be the stress of the week. I’m sure I’ll have mention of cholesterol and weight, and those are things I need to get in front of.

Anyway, an all clear is good news out of this little experiment of collapse and recovery. Perhaps other good things will come from it as well!