Cubs Lose! Cubs Lose! Cubs Lose!

Tonight, the Cards clinched the National League Central Division crown, thanks to the Marlins defeating the hapless Cubbies in half their doubleheader today.

Technically, we had it clinched last night. It was possible if we lost ’em all, and the Cubs won ’em all, that we would end up in a tie for the Division, with the tiebreaker of head-to-head matchups putting the crown in St. Louis rather than Chicago. LaRussa last night, though, just about bit the head off a reporter when he mentioned this. Tony was mad, mad, mad. He wanted to win it outright, not let a tiebreaker settle it.

So I’m glad we clinched today — there’s 14 games to go in the season, and it can all be a warm up for the playoffs. And, truthfully, the Cards need it! The last couple of weeks have been tough to bear, with more losses than wins and more runners left on base than Carter has little pills. Now, with 97 wins and the crown in hand, hopefully everyone can relax, have fun, and play the game.

Let the champaign flow — on to the playoffs!