George Lucas Strikes Back

I wrote a few days ago that I was a little worried about what the new Star Wars box set might hold. My concerns were vindicated last night.

Sio, Beck and I sat down to watch The Empire Strikes Back, and I noticed a few things here and there, but the most glaring thing I noticed was the scene with Darth Vader communicating with the emperor. The more I looked at the face in the shimmering holographic image, the more I realized it looked like the emperor from Episode 2!

Being the creative, industrious person I am, I pulled out my Star Wars: The Definitive Collection laserdiscs out, fired up The Empire Strikes Back, and placed the DVD and laserdisc feeds side-by-side on the jumbotron. Sure ’nuff, the old emperor was gone. Long live the new emperor.

I’m sure this was just the most obvious change in what is, I guess, the third “official” version of the original Star Wars trilogy. I guess that means that my copies of The Definitive Collection and Special Edition on laserdisc will need to be converted to DVD one day. Glad I hung on to them!