Vioxx and Ambulance Chasers

Over the last couple of days, Vioxx was pulled from the market — too many side effects.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, Terry Crouppen and his group have started airing commercials aimed at those folks who might have taken Vioxx. They’re very CNN-esque, looking official with a crawler, overlays and big ol’ Terry (who has more guts — just listen to his commercials… or look at him for yourself, and make your own decision!) basically telling you that Vioxx was dangerous, and you might be due some money.

In fact, Brown and Crouppen’s web site — which I’ve only first visited today — touts their expertise with personal injury, medical malpractice, work-related injury, dangerous drugs and devices, harmful chemical exposure and bad faith insurance. And, to encourage you further, there’s a whole scroller under the banner of legal news, chocked full of Vioxx-related fodder, along with stories about folks who have won “legal lotto” and been awarded huge sums of cash.

Now, I’m in favor of making those responsible for wrong-doing to pay — that’s fair. However, I think there’s waaaaaay too many attorneys out there that seem to be trying to drum up the big dollar cases. Is there legitimacy in all those cases? Probably not. I’d bet, though, me and loads of others, will be paying for them for the rest of our lives.