One Down, Ten to Go!

The Cards killed the Dodgers this afternoon, 8-3, and made quite a bit of noise in the process — five home runs! Finally, the Cards that we saw in July and August returned to the field, and just tore apart Los Angeles.

Our next game is Thursday night, and I have high expectations from that one, too. Then, it’s off to the west coast, where hopefully, we’ll close the deal. If not, though, I like our chances at home in game five.

Our next stop would be either Houston or Atlanta, and given the way Houston played us in the last couple of weeks of the season, I’d rather face Atlanta!

So, whom after that? Some folks here want a rematch with Minnesota, although I think a series with the Yankees would be nostalgic. Anaheim I have no feel for one way or another, but it would be cool to extend the span of the Curse of the Bambino upon the BoSox!