Championship Series Is Here

Tonight, the Yankees are making short work of the BoSox at Yankee Stadium. I guess I’m not surprised, but I sure would like to see the BoSox make it to the Series this year.

Last night Houston decimated the Braves, and will face the Cards tomorrow night. As I was coming home from work last night, the game had just finished, and I was listening to the regular Atlanta broadcasters on WSB. I was pleased to hear that they all thought that Houston’s pitching rotation was suspect, and that the Cards would beat the Astros, moving on to the World Series.

I hope they’re right. I woulda much rather faced Atlanta than Houston!

World Series tickets go on sale here on Saturday, with 5000 seats for each of the three games. The usual venues — standing in line all night, internet and phone — are paths for tickets. I’ll try a couple and see what happens, although my best guess is that I won’t be likely to get tickets that way. Hopefully, the office will offer some tickets in Suite 70, as they have for the NLDS and NLCS. I will pounce on those, although I expect those tickets will go for close to $200 each. Quite a price, but I’ve dreamed about seeing a World Series game in person since I was a kid.

Even if I don’t have tickets, I can watch the games in HD on the Jumbotron! 🙂