Doctor, Doctor

I had my annual physical today. I was due, but there was a little more interest given my little spill a month or so ago.

Once again, my blood pressure was a little high (140/100), and the doctor spun a whole litany of questions my way about eating habits, family history, etc. Now, my blood pressure has been rock solid at 120/80 for all my life, so it’s weird to see it up some. The good news, of course, is that we’re at the front of this rise, rather than having lived with it for years before discovering it.

So, there is now additional reason to heed his good advice: lose weight, exercise more, and watch my salt intake.

I expect I’ll have another appointment with him in a few weeks to discuss results of my “fluid tests”. I had an elevated triglycerides number last year; we’ll see how that looks this year. Regardless of what that looks like, I’m sure the Doc’ll wanna check my blood pressure again, and chat about that issue.

I guess the end result of all that isn’t horrible, nothing immediately urgent, and some very important things to work on.