Eve of the Election

Tonight is the eve of Election Day here in the States. Tomorrow, the great civics experiment begins, and we will decide who will be our President for the next four years, along with plenty of local elections to be decided.

Who will I vote for? In the spirit of being truly undecided, I dunno. I have some idea which way I may lean on some of the issues and candidates, but I truly am undecided on others. I have grown tired of being told I’m stupid, irresponsible and voting “the wrong way” no matter which way I would lean. Demeaning the voters seems like a bad strategy, and there are some factions that seem to suggest that voting “their” way is the only way for person of my beliefs, age, and priorities to vote. I’m not so sure that “they” are right — I guess that’s why we have an election!

Unfortunately, I will be working tomorrow night, so I will get to see the election results late, instead of in realtime. In 2000, I watched the election coverage all night, and thoroughly enjoyed watched the battlelines shift, leaders wax and wane, and awoke the next morning to discover that the election had not been decisively won.

I doubt there’s that much fun in the cards for this election, although I do believe that it will be very, very close. I also believe that there will be loads of litigation surrounding any results that are remotely close. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll all be over before Inauguration Day in January.

At least the political commercials will be over after tonight! 😉