We’ve Lost our Colin!


So, Colin Powell has left the post of Secretary of State. This is so unfortunate, as I sure felt he was a moderating force for Bush’s incredibly aggressive foreign policy. I have a ton of respect for Powell, and have since he rose to prominence during the Gulf War a decade ago.

His replacement, however, doesn’t engender that kind of respect from me. Condoleeza Rice has been tapped by the President as his choice for Secretary of State. Were I a diplomat or head of state, sitting across the table from her, I would have no faith that I could trust anything said by her. Her actions have made her appear as being above the law, and not having any compunction about flaunting that, not entirely unlike John Ashcroft’s actions over the last few years.

I’m not so sure that the nation will moderate under the likes of Rice and Gonzales, and I’m not so sure that I can stand too supportive behind this gang as they carry us forward through the middle years of this decade. I definitely get the impression that whatever season of gentile conversation and compromise is over, and the administration’s rally cry may well be that “you can run with us, or be run over by us.”