Skunked Again

Travel Photo Contest Entry

Daisy (Click to see enlarged version)

This morning heralded the announcement of the winning photos in the Post-Dispatch’s travel photo contest. Once again, I was held at bay, with no prize, no honorable mention, no nothing.

Again, I look at the photos that are placing, and cannot figure what’s so great about some of them. Had I shot some of them, I might’ve tossed them. Perhaps my eye is a bit too eclectic or severe. Or, much like like my color choices sometimes, my photos are only especially attractive to me, and don’t stand up to “traditional” critical eyes.

No matter. What I shoot is what I shoot. Can’t change my brain’s interpretation of a scene, can’t change the color-blind eyes in my head, and can’t change all the experiences of my life that make me see things the way I do. All I can do is learn, and try to make photos I like. If others like ’em too, then that’s gravy! 😉