Christmas, Part the First

We put off the trip to Mom’s last night due to the horrible winter storm between here and The Mountain.

In my family, we have a tradition of opening one small gift on Christmas Eve. Given that we were going to try to travel on Christmas, we figured we should go ahead with Christmas on Christmas Eve, and lighten the load for travelling to Mom’s. We travel pretty heavy most of the time, and had heard rumbles that Siobhan had loads of stuff at Mom’s — this might be the only way to make it home with all the loot! 🙂

I set a fire in the fireplace, and it was the perfect backdrop for a generous, old-fashioned Christmas. It was a wonderful spread with tons of gifts for all three of us, plus a little something for the dogs.

The neat thing about opening gifts on Christmas Eve is that returns can be made and gift certificates can be used before the post-Christmas crush begins. That’s nice!

Now, to see if we can actually make it to The Mountain tomorrow. Over the river and through the woods…….