Goodbye to 2004


We drove back from The Mountain today — an uneventful drive compared to the trip down last Saturday!

Everything was good at the house…. it hadn’t burned down, nor imploded, nor had LC taken over and turned the place into a feline refuge. All was quiet, and that’s the way I like it. As much as I enjoyed the trip, it was good to be home….. at least for a few hours.

As has become tradition with us, we went out for New Year’s Dinner with Mary and John, Curt and Kelly, and Dan. A good quiet time to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends, and to reflect on the year just past.

There’ve been so many big stories this year — the election, the continuing heart-wrenching saga of the war and the tsunami — as well as smaller, more personal events…… this has indeed been a big year. And now, almost as fast as it got here, it’s gone, and 2005 is staring us in the face. It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been in the new house a year, and surely doesn’t seem possible that Molly will turn three tomorrow. And, my little Sio will be eleven in a few short weeks.

“It’s astounding / Time is fleeting / Madness takes its toll…” Truer words were never penned!