“ED” Does Not Stand for “Educate My Daughter”!

Today, Sio and I curled up and watched the Rams beat the Seahawks in the playoffs, and make a good showing for themselves. The game was good, but I have some challenges with the advertising.

Football has always advertised things that kids shouldn’t do. Cigarettes (in the old days), beer and a variety of questionable advertising tactics have been thrown in kids’ faces in the name of commerce — we’ve all accepted that.

However, when a commercial for an ED remedy comes on, I don’t want to have to explain to my 10-year old what an erection is, why you’d want one, and why, if having one is so good, having it for four hours is so bad. I don’t challenge the right of those companies to hock their wares, but the drug companies have got to realize that the audience for a football game — beside being a bunch of potential customers for ED products — also includes kids! Those brands are well known enough to advertise without making for conversation that would cause a parent to spew their spaghetti at the dinner table afterwards when questioned by the six year old, “What is an erection?”