Stick a Fork in the Rams

Tonight, the Rams E-ticket ride was brought to an unceremonious end by the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Vick and Falcons made us look like a high school team.

Vick and his teammates looked like they were relaxed, almost like they were playing a sandlot game, making up plays on the fly as they thought of them. The Rams did not look so comfortable, and it was obvious in the first quarter that we couldn’t stop the Falcons, and we couldn’t keep up with their scoring.

In the end, it was a 47-17 disaster, and the Rams will come home quietly this weekend, and reflect on what could’ve been. There’s always next year, but after the challenges this year, I’ve gotta wonder if Mike Martz will be back next year. There’s been an awful lot of controversy over his coaching decisions, and his unusually complex game plan.

Once the Super Bowl has been held in a few weeks, and with no hockey on the horizon, my attention will turn to Nascar, with the Daytona 500 only a month away. Hard to believe it’s almost time for laps again!