Napoleon Dynamite

Tonight, on the strong advice of a friend, Beck and I rented and watched Napoleon Dynamite. We were told that “this movie is sooooo you — you’ll love it!”

I can honestly say that Beck and I watched the clock to see when the film would be finished. It wasn’t torturous, but it did seem long and — given the hype we’d gotten at work — a little disappointing. I kept waiting for something to happen in the film. I’m still waiting. 😉

The lead character, Napoleon, seemed like he was constantly trying to come out of some deep coma, while stumbling from one scene to the next. I have never seen anyone walking in their sleep that much, or anyone nearly that cranky. Cranky way beyond his years!

If Idaho is anything like this film, it’s boring, dull, and way out of touch with modern times. It seems that everything in the town was a cross of everything from 1970s disco to modern internet chat rooms, and everything in between. Ocassionally, there was a glimpse of the beauty of the vast land and mountains, but that was to me, the only saving grace of the film.

After watching it, I told Beck that it was a two-day rental, and needed to go back to Blockbuster tomorrow. She told me about the new “no late fees” plan Blockbuster has, where now you own it after seven days if you don’t take it back. I implored her to make sure that didn’t happen! 🙂