Saintless in St. Louis


As I was coming home from work tonight, I was listening to the babble from the radio. It’s kinda become sport with me, to spend my trips in and back from work listening to the world ebb and flow, piss and moan. It’s a distant echo from my childhood when I spent so very much time listening to AM radio when AM radio was cool.

Today, the topic de jour was fish fries. As the world approaches the Lenten season, the attention of St. Louis folks — well, the majority of ’em, anyway — turns to “Whatever to do about dinner?” on Friday nights during Lent. Why such an issue? Well, if you’re in St. Louis, you’re probably Catholic.

Now, I have nothing against Catholics or their faith, although it seems a bit…. predictable, I guess… in its worship practices, but there’s nothing wrong with predictability! However, the scene is St. Louis seems to focus quite strongly on the habits (no pun intended!), news and activities of the Catholics in town. This time of year, it feels impossible to get a good hunk o’ beef on a Friday (aside from a steak house).

What’s a good Southern Baptist to do? 😉