A very cool thing going on over the last few days in the web server logs. I noticed a large number of hits from long ago banned IPs, and a few new ones, but all with one thing in common: the referer field.

Why would someone do that? Well I have a stats package running, and it tracks referers, and puts them in a list, complete with links back to them. By having these links show up on a stats page that might be indexed, I’m sure it’s thought that this will increase their “score” on Google, etc.

However, there were so many that I’d already bounced, it stood out like a sore thumb in the logs. So I weather dozens and dozens of hits an hour from all over the world with odd variant subdomains (gambling, financial, pharmaceuticals) of the basic referer, and laugh and laugh as they all fall in the bitbucket. A few of them will show up in the stats for this month, but next month, there won’t be a trace of ’em. 👿