City Museum


Tonight, we had an office function down at City Museum. What a hoot!

Nothing like having a bunch of full grown people, well lubricated with beer and wine and good food, trying to ride on, slide through and play with exhibits built with sober ten-year olds in mind — great fun!

This was the culmination of a kind of midway point on a huge project, and was really a nice gesture on the part of the appdev side of the house. There were video messages from our internal customers, upper management, and ownership, all praising the work we’ve been doing with this effort. This has been huge — I’ve had at least a pinky toe in this effort for over four years, and have been neck deep in it for three years — and it’s nice to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And, of course, seeing my co-workers, laughing, playing and enjoying themselves was a treat, as well!