Today, Sio and I drove up to Winfield to look at the eagles, and have a little “daddy-daughter” time. This was also the first road trip for the 20D.

Unfortunately, the eagles were all but gone. There were a few stragglers, but it looks as though they have moved north, and are feasting near cooler waters. The few we did see were skittish, and didn’t let us get very close. I guess even eagles sense safety in numbers, and they were definitely outnumbered.

We did get to look at ducks, geese and woodpeckers, though, as well as some remnants of the winter — some ice and frost. She’s getting good at spotting that kind of stuff, but needs to work on listening to what’s going on around her a bit. She didn’t hear the woodpeckers until we were right on top of them!

This was a great trip, and her first photo expedition, of which she was very appreciative. It’s fun watching her develop her view of the world through her lens, and I’m getting a kick out being a part of that.

Now, my shooting with the 20D wasn’t very good. I had the thing set on ISO 1600 from last night’s astronomical shooting, and I forgot to check it until we were almost finished for the day. So, most of what would’ve been decent shots are marred with the stippling that is common when these cameras shoot at high ISO speeds. Live and learn!

Of course, enjoying the cool crispness of the air was a joy. Late winter offered us a quiet, cool morning, and made for a fun walk around the curves of that part of the Mississippi. I guess we hiked a mile or two, and headed back to truck. Perhaps we didn’t get the greatest photos in the world, but we were able to spend some time together, without the hustle and weight of the world.

That alone was worth the trip.