And Now There Are Two

Two photographers in the house, that is.

After finding a buyer for the 10D, Darla has decided that she would like to learn to shoot with the 10D, and have that as her primary camera. So… we are not selling it. I am elated!

Beck’s always shot better composition than me, and the only edge I had was the technical side, playing with the shot. In fact, it’s not been unusual for her to point me to a specific shot, a certain composition, and from there I would play with it through the camera. Now, though, she’ll be able to do the same kind of things with her brilliant composition…. she’ll be shooting better than me in six months!

So, she’ll be learning the technical side, and she’ll be teaching me even more (by example) about composition and feeling in my shots. Teamed up, I think we’re bordering on dangerous! 😉

I’m thrilled, too, as that means there’s two camera bodies in the house, just in case a backup is needed, and that they both use the same accessories for the most part. Batteries and lenses, certainly, are sharable across the 10D and 20D, and I wouldn’t want to be duplicating those too much.

Now I’ve got to outfit her with a nice all-around lens for learning with. Gosh, a trip to the camera store? Darn!