Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit


Through my webtravels today, I have happened upon either one of the most brilliant scams ever, or quite possibly, the smartest person on the Net.

Toby is a cute, cuddly bunny that the webmaster of Save Toby rescued from beneath a porch. Toby lived through the injuries he sustained, and from the photos on the site, has grown to be quite the cute bunny.

Cute bunny, though, turns into clever opportunity. (No, there’s no anagram there.)

Toby’s master, not really wanting a bunny for a pet, has set an execution date for Toby of June 30th, at which time he will be butchered, and turned into one or more dishes.


Visitors contribute $1 each until the total reaches $50,000. $50k!!!!!

Aside from just contributing singles, you can also buy merchandise featuring Toby’s profile and the words “Save Toby”. Intimate undergarments, coffee mugs, bumper stickers…. the folks who made Spaceballs would be proud. These purchases also add to Toby’s execution relief fund.

Now, no one would contribute to this, right? Wrong. The total is over $16,000 now. Scam or brilliance, this guy is working the crowd.

So, will Toby’s master consume Toby on/after June 30th, regardless of the sum collected? (Candidate recipes are included on the site, BTW, just in case you have your own money-bunny opportunity.)

I’m betting that Toby will become hassenpfeffer along about July 1st, enjoyed with only the best spices that $50,000 (plus or minus) can buy. Toby’s master says that Toby is his friend, and he doesn’t want to eat him. That may be true, but who better to share a fine dinner with than a true friend.

Even if the friend is the main course! 😉