New Gear: Canon 28-135/3.5-5.6 IS USM


I bought Beck her first lens for the Canon 10D she is going to start shooting with — a Canon 28-135mm. This is a terrific lens, and I think she’ll like it a lot. In fact, I may even pop the occasional photo with it! 🙂

I led Beck drive the buying process, as she had some ideas of what she wanted from her first lens. Tonya from Schiller’s was extremely patient with Beck as she asked her questions and tried out this Canon and a much cheaper Tamron 28-200 lens. Ultimately, she looked at me and asked what I would buy, and of course, between a Tamron and Canon lens, I’ll pick Canon every time. We got a nice B+W UV filter for the lens to protect it, and out the door we went.

Beck’s shot a ton with her new rig today, and I think she likes it. She’s even talking about going to a basic digital photography class in a couple of months after she gets a little more used to her camera and lens. I think that’s a great idea, and will really help her get even better shots. I really do believe she will, in the end, way outdistance my shots — she has a much better eye already, and combining that with a good technical sense for shooting will make her a killer combination!

She was overwhelmed with my buying that for her, and I think she understands my desire for her to shoot. She likened me to the dad in A Christmas Story, watching his son open and load his BB gun at Christmas with such a sense of pride. That’s me — I’m proud of her, and I can’t wait to see her steps in her big new world!