Race to the Pumps!


I got back from lunch today, and there was a buzz on the floor: Gas was going up!

Well, that’s nothing new, although it’s usually Tuesday or Friday before that happens. What was significant here was the rise. Pumps up and down the highway went from $1.879 to $2.159 a gallon. At the push of a button, a twenty-eight cent increase from one moment to the next, reflected in the signs in front of the non-collusive gas stations along my route.

And now, the news is reporting that the price won’t drop much until much later in the year, with the gas companies continuing their record profit taking through the spring and summer driving seasons. While this will impact our gas cost for the East Coast trip by 15% or so, it’s not enough to prevent us from going.

Still, it’s staggering to think that gas has almost tripled in cost since Beck and I were married just six years ago. Ugh!