Texas Tea


Yup, another 10-12 cent increase in gas prices today.

I continue to hear that this is due to summer demand (which isn’t here yet) and the cost of crude. Now, if it’s tied to the cost of crude, then that means that crude has gone up about 30% in the last two weeks. I know it’s been rising, but I don’t think it’s gone up that much.

I guess we should just get used to it, as prices won’t likely go back down anytime soon, and the levels they fall back to (after the “summer demand” is over) won’t be nearly as low as before this spike.

I’m a lazy environmentalist, and have really been against drilling in Alaska, but if drilling really would lower the prices at the pump by 75 cents or a buck, I’m beginning to get cozy with the idea of taking some barrels out of cold storage.

Then again, that’s probably just what the Republicans want. It’s a big conspiracy between them, auto manufacturers and the oil companies to get drilling started in the Great White North. Yeah, that’s the ticket! 😉