Beck and I just got back from chasing the sunset. It was beautiful tonight, with gigantic sunrays filtering from behind some tall clouds.

As we looked at it from the house, I decided that there must be a better place to shoot sunsets somewhere nearby, as we don’t have a view to the horizon. We grabbed the 20D, jumped in the truck, and headed toward Steak and Shake, which was the closest, most open view we could think of. We stood there for a few minutes, taking it in, and shooting, when another truck ground to halt next to my truck. A woman got out wailing, “I wish I had my camera!” She’d seen the beauty of the sunset and it began, and was desparately calling her husband to shoot it. As it ends up, she couldn’t reach him, and she was relegated to shooting this gorgeous sunset with her cameraphone. Probably not the best way to pull that off!

The fact that someone would be that passionate about that kind of shot, that kind of view, enough so that she was obviously moved by it, hammered home to me the notion that I need to get my little enterprise going, and start putting my work in the hands of folks that would appreciate it. I know that they’re out there — I just met one tonight!