Cleared for Takeoff


Well, after a tense week of following Beck’s recovery — which hasn’t exactly been stellar! — the doc has cleared her to travel, as long as we take it very easy, and watch carefully for any signs of this thing coming back.

So, we’ve changed our plans to accomdate an easier schedule, and make this vacation more leisurely, and less active.

We will be leaving for Richmond VA tomorrow, which is where her brother, Morgan, lives. We’re planning two or three days to get there. Our thinking is that if she is feeling puny, we can hole up there for as long as we need, and not be paying HoJo sixty bucks a night!

Assuming all is well, toward the end of the week, we’ll head to the coast, and run south down the outer banks of North Carolina, watching sunrises and sunsets, birds and surf, and generally taking a leisurely pace.

And, if all remains well, we’ll head back toward St. Louis toward the end of the following week, with a possible stop at Grandma’s house on the way back.

Yeah, this isn’t nearly as dramatic a trip, but it’s a chance for both of us to get away from life, the universe and everything. Evidence from the last couple of big trips has shown me that that is as therapeutic as any medicine the doc could prescribe!