In Richmond (941 miles so far)

Morgan and Elizabeth took us into Richmond to see the downtown area, and tour the capitol building.

The short drive was met with disappointment though — the capitol building was closed for renovations. 🙁 We got over it though, and went to the Strawberry Street Cafe for lunch. This is one of Morgan and Elizabeth’s favorite places to eat, and I can see why. Their food is really good.

We went down the street, and started walking from shop to shop, looking for souvenirs and goodies. Darla found a shop that had some frogs in the window — she walked out having purchased a rug! It’s a neat little rug for the basement, and complements our couches very nicely. It’s to be shipped home, and should be waiting for us when we get there.

We got back to Morgan’s, collected up all the kids, and went to Rachel’s tennis match. That gave me a pretty good opportunity to practice shooting a tennis match, something I’d never done before. Overall, it was a pretty good shoot, and a lot of fun.

Afterward, it was off to Williamsburg, and a little hibachi action for dinner — yum!