Lenoir City TN to Ellisville MO (2922 miles)

We headed out from Lenoir City this morning, trying to time things so that we missed the traffic in Nashville’s rush hour. We had to force ourselves to stop at Cracker Barrel along the way to miss the rush in Nashville — darn! 🙂

We drove toward Nashville, and eventually Paducah KY. We’d kinda thought to stop at Lambert’s — I really like their frog legs! — but decided that we were just ready to get home, so we stayed on the interstate through Paducah, Marion and Mt. Vernon, and on into St. Louis.

We got home, found the house standing, the pets happy, and all right with the world. No surprises there, but it’s always comforting to make sure!

Since the grass had grown huge due to all the rain, I needed to mow the grass. I got the mower out, pulled the cord…. and it broke somewhere inside the mower. Ugh. So tomorrow, I’ll need to find someone who can take the engine apart and install a new pullcord.

If that’s the worst that happens, I’m in good shape!