New Mower

Well, after talking to a couple of mower repair shops this morning, it looks like the shops can’t work on the thing for weeks or months. That’s astounding to me!

So, a trip to Lowe’s, and we now have a brand new Troy-Built self propelled 6.75hp mower. Yay! Easy to set up, heavy as can be, but really mows well. Even the thick wet grass in our yard submitted to its blade.

This new mower also mulches and has a bagger, so I don’t have to do the “multiple pass” mulching that I’d done in past years. Today, I just bagged what I cut, and does that ever make things quicker!

I guess we’ll donate the old mower to Kelly — I bet her dad can install a new pullcord — for her use at her new house. Seems like a good home for it!