Hardware Moves


I think tonight I’ve finished up the last of the hardware moves, all driven by the arrival of the iMac.

And, I set a record. It was 48 hours before I had the covers off the iMac, proceeding to do work to do it. That’s a neat looking piece of hardware on the inside — smartly put together, with well labelled pieces, and easy to install user options (memory or harddrive). I upgraded my memory today from 512Mb to 2Gb, which is the system maximum. The system seems a bit snappier, and that’s a good thing.

Originally this afternoon, I had purchased only one 1Gb DIMM for the beast, but I started looking around, and read a tech note from Apple that indicated that the bus width would be cut in half by using mismatched sizes and types of DIMMs. So, back to CompUSA this evening, and another installation, and the little guy is at 2Gb. Can’t wait to try Photoshop on it!

Of course, I’ve got a few files to move around before that can happen. Those file copies are happening right now, and should be done by the time I’m up in the morning. At that point, I think I can turn off the old server, and start parting it out. To get the little server up and functional took about eight hours of work, and by my standards, that’s not too bad.

So, lots of batch stuff going on tonight, and with a small window of time before the racing double-header later today (Indy 500 and CocaCola 600 — a Memorial Day weekend tradition for me!), I doubt a whole lot gets done today.

If you find a bump in the road, let me know!