After working for three days to install a gigabit private connection from the iMac to the server, I’ve finally got it working!

It should’ve been plug-n-play, right? Well, I thought so, too. Everything pointed at the iMac having a problem — I could ping from the server to the iMac, but couldn’t ping the other direction. Every book I had pointed to the iMac being at fault. Then I finally had a brainstorm just before bed: check the firewall on the server. Sure enough, the new gigabit interface on the server wasn’t letting anything through. Ah, well… at least I learned something! 🙂

Primarily, I intend to use this as the data path for backups — cross-pollenating the data on the server and iMac — but it’ll also let me do builds of the photo site nightly, and keep up that part of the site more up-to-date. The server has just enough umph to serve pages, but it would reek if doing the photo manipulation, so that’s gotta happen on the iMac, and then get scooted to the server. A lot of scripting is needed, but I think I can pull that off over the next week or so.

What fun, eh?