Trailblazer Blues


Poor, poor Smokey. He’s not feeling well.

The ‘Blazer has been struggling a bit over the last week or so, and I thought I had a dirty air filter. I invested in a nice re-usable air filter, and thought I’d solved the problem… until today.

Beck and I were off to lunch, and the truck… lerched forward… then it felt like it stalled, and then it repeated itself. I was not amused! This time though, the Service Engine Soon light came up on the dash. That was good news, as I now had something to chase! I pushed the OnStar button, had them run a diagnostic while we continued to lunch, and the car reported that the fuel control module was complaining. Booooo!

Back to the office after lunch, a call to ELCO to see about service tomorrow, and now I’m set to work from home tomorrow. The service folks said that it could be as simple as reprogramming the module, or it could take replacing it. The downside is that when I dropped it off tonight, they said there were TEN TO TWELVE vehicles ahead of me, and that they THOUGHT they could get it into the service bays tomorrow. Great.

So tomorrow, I will work at home, and wait for Smokey to be healed.