Shanghai Surprise


Like a kid listening to Santa’s yearly trek on the radio, I’ve been watching the journey of my little iPod as it made its way from Shanghai through Anchorage to … Indianapolis?!

I was shocked to see that it had landed and been delivered in Indy today. Frantically, I hurried to the Apple orders site to see if there had been some kind of cross up. And there was. The automaton had boofed the FedEx tracking number, and when I put the right one in … my iPod was here! A little side trip to FedEx to pick it up, and joy was had in Ellisville!

Here’s the lesson kiddies: If you weigh half a kilo, and are in a box about the size of half a dozen CDs, you too can travel from Shanghai to St. Louis in two days!

It’s a thing of beauty, all white and silver, and the engravers even got the mantra on the back correct. I’m still setting it up, and letting it charge — I suspect tonight will be filled with some learning and playing!