This afternoon, I had my follow-up appointment with the Doc to see how my blood pressure was doing. Six weeks ago, the Doc put me on Altace to help control and lower my numbers. At that time, my blood pressure was 140/108, and the Doc was concerned about lowering the bottom number.

Today’s number? 128/86. Real, real good. In fact, I think the Doc was surprised at just how good it was in such a short time. He asked if I had been stressed when last he measured it. I don’t think I was, but I suppose there could’ve been something going on at work or home at that particular instant in time. No matter — it’s down, and that’s the important part.

He cautioned me though, that this didn’t mean I was cured, or that I wouldn’t be taking medication. In fact, he’s got me taking Altace for another 90 days to ensure that things stay where they are supposed to. No problem by me.

So tonight, I think we’ll celebrate with a nice quiet dinner, a little baseball later tonight (the Cards are playing at Arizona), and the knowledge that this part of me is not likely to be the thing that kills me! 🙂