Preparing for Invasion


Invasion of the family, that is! Beck’s brother from Virginia and his brood, along with the Colorado Days are planning to converge upon the house come Wednesday and Thursday. Add to that Sio and Hailey, and this will be the first time all the cousins have been together since mine and Beck’s wedding six years ago.

And, of course, they’re all staying here. Ten extra bodies in the house. Wow.

Not too many years ago, that would’ve paralyzed me. I’ve never had that much family hanging around — there just weren’t many of us growing up, and we were really spread out. When I first came into Beck’s family, it was like instantly sprouting a whole family, and that I was not ready for. Every year, I’ve gotten more adjusted to it though, and now I face the invasion of the Days with ease, happiness, and some excitement!