The News Is Still Good


Several DVD burns later, and a lot of code removed, and The Little Gateway That Could is still chugging right along. This machine is working much, much better than the last one, and that’s a very good thing.

I’ve noticed things that are different between this one and the first. The CD/DVD tray opens much easier, which kinda leads me to believe that the first one might have been dropped along its travels to me. On the old one in fact, the serial number label on the bottom had a scuff on it — perhaps it met an unfortunate incident on the assembly line? I also noticed that some fixes wouldn’t install over the XP on the first box — mostly .NET stuff. I also noticed that Norton was consistently trying to install whenever the machine was restarted. I think that little box had a little dain bramage, and I got to suffer for it! 🙂

For now, all seems well, and I’ll keep percolating and see how this machine holds up. Happy, happy, joy, joy!