24 Hours and All Is Well


I sit here on the couch, and am wirelessly blogging. Cool. The Gateway box is rocking right along, and I’m thrilled.

The Sony I swapped for the Gateway was absolutely a sexy box, and while Janie Porche would tell you that an Apple would improve my life significantly and make me part of the “in crowd”, I’m really pleased with the utility of this workhorse laptop. Yeah, it’s a “Billy Box” — Windows XP, that is — but it does do what I need it to do on the road, and I still have the iMac here at the ranch for the big photoediting opportunities.

(Did you know Janie has a blog and stalkers? Wild… Try Googling her name sometime. Plenty to read.)

So, sexy or functional? Sexy catches my eye, but I’ll take functional in this instance….. although the Apple Powerbooks are really sexy, and do grab my eye. Maybe if Apple makes a G5-based Powerbook before the switch to Intel….. well maybe.