Canon EOS 5D


Someone alerted me at work yesterday that Canon had announced a new EOS DSLR — the Canon EOS 5D.

This one seems to have everything that I was looking for when I bought the 20D — a full frame sensor even! And, at nearly 13 megapixels, I think the detail is really there, and makes this a nice step down from the 1D Mark II.

It’s got a huge 2.5″ screen on the back that is supposedly visible from a wider angle of view.

Now, the frame speed (3fps) makes it the slowest in the line — the 20D is 5fps, the 1D Mark IIN is 8.5fps (it was also updated apparently), and the 1Ds Mark II is 4fps. So the frame speed is more in line with the 10D, but at that pixel resolution, I’d take it.

I can’t tell if the focus screen is interchangeable on the 5D, but I’d have to think it would be.

Truthfully, the full frame sensor and interchangeable focus screen were the two biggest things missing in the 20D for me, and the 5D looks like it might do both. Of course, there’s always an increase in price for these things, and this body looks like it’s gonna run about $3300 on the street.

I’d love to have one of these before the big trek in November, but the body’s not available until October, and frankly, the money’s not there to pull it off. Until I start getting some photography exchanging for cash, I can’t really justify a purchase like this.

I can dream though……!