So the “worst case scenario” is about to happen — New Orleans is about to be hit by a category 5 hurricane.

From everything I’ve heard, New Orleans could very easily turn into a giant city-sized swimming pool out of this hurricane when this thing hits tomorrow. Ugh. I have to think that the impact of this hurricane could be devastating, and not just to that area.

Already, the news — even The Weather Channel! — is talking about how gas prices will go up out of Katrina’s strike on the Gulf Coast. I know there’s many drilling platforms down there, and I know a whole bunch of oil comes through the ports down there, but I can’t imagine why interrupting things for a half-dozen days or so could drive prices for gas at the pumps up tomorrow, or heating oil prices for the winter. That just baffles me.

Mom believes that the price at the pump will go to $3 tomorrow. She might be right, but I have to think that folks will revolt if prices jump that much.

Still, I’ve gotta really feel for the folks along the coast. God be with you all.