Tough Choice


Today, I made a tough choice. I have given up my big drive to Yosemite in November. I’m still going to DLWS, but I’ll be flying instead.

So why would I give up the journey? Well, the cost of fuel has doubled since I first cooked up this trip, and that’s the biggest reason. With gas prices where they are now, the fuel alone would run over $1000 for the round trip. After finding out that the cost of a roundtrip flight to Sacramento is about $300, with a rental car being another $200, it starts to make a whole lot more sense to fly.

So, I’ll be flying to Sacramento on Saturday, 12 November, and returning late on Thursday, 17 November. It’s not as legendary a trip now, but the key is that I’m still attended DLWS, and I’m really stoked about that. Honing my craft is the point of this trip, and that I will still do!