Tonight, one of my tennis crew had an artist’s reception at a local Starbucks. Lenny shoots very well, and makes some incredibly detailed images. Primarily, he shoots flowers and plants, teasing every detail of them he can.

The event was well-attended, with a cross section of folks from work, as well as other folks Lenny interacts with. And, of course, his work was prominently displayed on all the walls of the seating area, along with stacks of prints for sale.

It was really a lot of fun, and makes me think even more about getting more serious about my work. I think I’ve just been dallying about with my photography site and business. It’s time to get serious! (Betcha’ve heard that one before, eh?!)

Lenny is always encouraging me to get out there and start publishing my work. He likes it, and says I have an good eye and technique. He’s right about one thing — I’ve gotta get out there and start getting my work on the streets. The first step to get there is printing some of my favorites, getting them matted, and being ready for an opportunity when it arrives. A little investment could go a long way!