Dog Show

Beck and I took a jaunt down to Purina Farms for a dog show today. Our rally trainer was showing her Berner, named “Too”, and some of us from the class decided to show up and support her.

It’s always fun to me to see so many breeds, all primped and proper, showing their best at these events. I still see other breeds that I’d love to get to know, although I think Berners are the closest to my heart and temperament.

Too did ok, taking reserve to a big ol’ pup named “Chunk”. He’s 10 months old, and looks like a full adult. Quite a monster! The folks that brought him are breeders and friends of our trainer, and were enjoyable to meet.

We split up after the Berner’s part of the dog show, but got back together for a nice dinner at Massa’s. There was loads of conversation about the breed, dog shows, and life in general. All in all, a nice, relaxing evening after a hectic week at work.