First Dollar


Unexpectedly, my little photography venture today first turned a buck.

A few weeks ago, Cousin Mark approached me for some shots of the Arch, and other sights around it. He had a customer who was looking for some images from downtown to apply as large decals for some soda machines on the Arch grounds. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but was happy to help Mark out.

A week or two later, he told me that his customer loved the shots, and was going to use them. So Mark asked how much I wanted as payment for my images. Now, I’ve been dreaming about turning this little endeavor into a moneymaker since someone first shone a smile upon a piece of my work, but this floored me and I wasn’t ready for the question. I started looking at what “real” photographers were charging for their work used in a similar fashion, and gave that to Mark.

Frankly, I’d kinda forgotten about it, and then in the mail today came a check from Hope Press. A check with my name on it, and for work I produced. That’s cool!