Yup, We Won Game Two, Too


NLDS Game 2

Beck and I played hookey this afternoon, and went down to Busch for Game 2 of the NLDS. The company had arranged for about 40 of us to attend in one of the luxury suites. As always, that experience alone was very cool. But so was the game. We sat in the front row of the suite for an unobstructed view of the game from a couple of stories up, almost in dead center field. We had tickets to this suite a couple of years ago for an NLCS game against the SF Giants, and it was every bit as fun this time.

The weather was even better than Game 1. It was 89 degrees at game time Tuesday; today, it was 65 and breezy. Fall is here just in time for the Fall Classic!

The game, of course, was great. Unusually, the Cardinals had no home runs, but still found ways to score, and won the game 6-2. That sends the Cards to San Diego Saturday night for a light night game, and with a great shot of winning the series in San Diego over the weekend.

Of course, fewer folks in St. Louis have gotten to see the games than you’d expect. MLB (and probably Fox and ESPN) have decided that the games amongst the two small markets of St. Louis and San Diego should be scheduled around the games involving the teams from the large markets. They get prime time slots, and we get what’s left, so our first two games were Noon and 3pm on weekdays, and Saturday night’s game will start at 9pm local time. While we work and sleep, the Cardinals are winning. Sure doesn’t do much to get kids involved in watching this sport and becoming lifelong fans, eh?!