Eight More Wins

Last night, in the wee hours, the Cardinals finished off their sweep of the Padres, and assured themselves another NLCS at Busch. We open here on Wednesday.

However, I’m mortified over our next opponent — either the Braves or the Astros. The Braves have the Jones boys, and Houston has all the offense and pitching you could want. Either team would be tough to play, but I’ve gotta be rooting for the Braves to join us in St. Louis for the NLCS. Their starting pitching is pretty good, but their relief pitching is a little shaky, and that plays well into the way the Cards seem to win games lately.

And there’ll be no rematch of last year’s World Series — The BoSox were swept by the ChiSox. There’s starting to be some rumble here about a St. Louis – Chicago World Series, and I believe that could come to pass. Anaheim’s looking awfully good though……