Retirement Slips


Other folks call them lottery tickets. No matter what you call them, there’s some excitement in the air tonight over the $240M PowerBall drawing tonight. After all the dust settles, I think the winner would get about $60M — no small potatoes. So what would I do if I won?

Well, first thing I’d do is hole up someplace other than home; that would cut down on the “uninvited” distractions — long lost cousins, unheard-of charities, and kids trying to sell wrapping paper. I’d find me an attorney and accountant to help structure things correctly, and only then would I make the drive to Jefferson City to surrender the tickets to the lottery folks. And then, I’m sure, the circus would begin.

Everyone has a list of what they’d do after they get the money. For me, Job One would be to take care of my family, and ensure that they got some sunshine from this windfall. I know I’d buy some land and build a house. I’d get the vehicle (or vehicles — Becky thinks I’d have many) I’d like. I’d do some investing. I’d go back to school. And I would definitely travel. And travel. And travel.

And I would start my photographic business. That would be a labor of love, rather than trying to sustain us, and I expect that would be enjoyable.

I told my boss today not to worry about my health too much if I called in sick tomorrow. It might just be that my pockets got heavier! 🙂