Now THIS is Photography!


I was syncing my iPod with iTunes 6 for the first time this afternoon, and started catching up on podcasts I hadn’t listened to yet. After getting things cleaned a bit, I fired up the podcast of Photoshop Radio. This is one done by Scott Kelby and others from the PS part of the world. I have a great amount of respect for Kelby, and have some of his PS titles in my book collection.

On it, they mentioned a site called Liquid Sculpture, which is one man’s obsession with taking pictures of water droplets. I thought this would be images through water drops, like some of the stuff I’ve tried. Nope. This is a guy for whom the droplet is the art! The artist is Martin Waugh, and what he does with fluid, light and 8mp is truly amazing.

Everytime I bump into something like this, I get inspired, challenged, and feeling like I need to get out there and shoot more. And I do. This weekend, it looks like the fall colors are gonna be exploding — the reds and yellows have already started — and I think the weather is gonna be beautiful. Add to that that I’m off on Friday, and I think I have a plan for the weekend.

(And yes, really, I will get the photos updated on the site before then. I promise!)