Photos Are Back!

Yup, I finally got JAlbum to work… kinda… on the iMac, so photos have made a return. I have some cleanup yet to do, so it’s kinda rough, but you can get to the new stuff now. I also found a bug in the code that displays Today’s Photos, and got that fixed. So now, I think the last gap between the new Mac environment and the old Linux environment has evaporated.

Next steps are to play with the search features Spotlight gives me on the Mac Mini to search the keywords for photos, and integrate that into the site. That’s a long-term deal, and will probably mean a makeover for the photo section. I’ve had that look for about two years (I think), and it’s time to make some changes. Those will happen gradually over the winter, so mind the dust, and watch out for low hanging branches.

In the end though, I think it’ll put my very large photo library at your fingertips. Mine, too! 🙂